The problem is simple enough

Smoke Systems

Thieves are no longer deterred by conventional security. Intruder alarms can detect a break-in and can inform the keyholder and the Police.

Unfortunately few if any Police forces can react in less than 10 minutes and most burglaries are over in less than 4 minutes!!!

REMEMBER - You cannot steal what you cannot see!

This product has been manufactured and actively fitted in Blue Chip Organisations for in excess of 35 Years. It is the ONLY physical protection device on the market to offer protection from immediate attack from thieves and raiders.

Within seconds of activation the room will fill from ceiling to floor in a white harmless, non toxic smoke, which will deter anyone wishing to make physical contact with you or your stock - guaranteed.

The obvious questions are, does it leave a residue, can I breath in this smoke?

The system is complete with ISO 9001 accreditation and is a Police preferred Specification.

You may have an Alarm at present or even a CCTV system, but sadly this is not going to protect you when you need it most, this is Instant and could save your life in an emergency.

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