Security of premises and the individual

Intruder Alarm Systems

Security of premises and the individual is now one of the most important factors of modern day living.

Attacks don't only occur when premises are closed, they can occur at any time and when they do, response is required as quickly as possible.

Connection to a Central Station which is manned 24/7 ensures help and assistance is available to you on demand.

Service and Maintenance

Service and maintenance is carried out by our highly trained and motivated staff.

All calls are sent to the engineer by PDA which tracks all calls and engineers positions.

Details of completed calls are sent back to the office and automatically updated onto your own individual site folder on our server.

You determine the response plan to suit your individual needs

We can design a security system to suit your individual needs. We can even have information sent to your mobile or laptop. If you have an integrated system we can even give you control of the CCTV equipment.

Visual deterrent is achieved by a high impact poly carbonate bell box complete with high output stroboscopic light to attract attention should the alarm activate.

Security House

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Lees, Oldham (UK)

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