Security starts at the gate

Barriers and Gates

Security starts at the gate. CIA 2000 can advise on the right Barrier or Gate for your site. You may want a simple electro-hydraulic barrier or a sliding gate 35 metres across.

Barriers and gates come in many different guises to suit your every need.

CIA 2000 can install all types of barriers or gates. We can also service, maintain or repair your gates whether installed by ourselves or a third party.

Rising Bollards

We supply an extensive range of rising bollards to suit your company’s requirements. Highly visible and vandal resistant our bollards are intended for locations were restricted vehicle access is required.

Rising Beam

We supply an extensive range of automatic and manual raise arm barriers to suit all applications. Our barriers are designed to offer a secure, reliable and easy to use solution to your specific requirements.

Swing Gates

We offer a complete range of automated swing gates. Systems are available for virtually any type of swing gate, from small wooden gates to large, heavy, wrought-iron entrances.

Sliding Gates

Our range of automated sliding gates is suitable for driveways or entrances where space is limited and swing gates therefore cannot be fitted. Sliding gate automation is suitable for both metal and wooden gates.

Rising Road Blockers

We supply an extensive range of rising road blockers which provide maximum enforcement of access routes. Our range of rising road blockers is the ultimate visible deterrent to ram raiders.

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